We Love To Work & We Love Where We Work

Our Factory is built on an amfitheatrical position at the top of a hill while at its foot lie vineyards and crops.

Huge investments have been made since 2000 making our plant unique in the Balkan Peninsula with a capacity almost ten-fold than its current production. Since the foundation of our Business, we set the Standards of systematic wine-vinegar production and we remain Market Leaders covering the Greek Market’s demand and exporting to European Union Countries such as Germany and Italy.

Being at the vicinity of the local wineries, we have a major advantage which reflects on both our product’s quality and very competitive price.

Our Location

Located at Zevgolatio Industrial Zone, Korinthia, GREECE

Zevgolatio Korinthias, Korinthia, GREECE
Phone:  +30 2741055108
Web:  ThanosVinegar.com